Subscription URL is now available on version 1.1.1

The Subscription URL feature in YourChat is a practical functionality designed to streamline the process of distributing and accessing AI services. It is intended to be user-friendly and efficient, ideal for both AI developers and users.


This feature allows AI model creators to generate a unique URL, known as the Subscription URL, for their specific AI service within the YourChat platform. This URL essentially encapsulates the details and functionalities of the AI service, making it an accessible gateway for others to use the service.


Distributing the service becomes as simple as sharing the Subscription URL. Whether it’s with a team working on a project, a group of fellow AI enthusiasts, or even clients in a business context, sharing the Subscription URL provides them immediate access to the AI service.


For the recipient, accessing the service is equally straightforward. All it takes is clicking the Subscription URL, which then navigates them to the AI service on YourChat, ready for utilization. This removes the need for complex setups or installations, thus simplifying the process.


In essence, the Subscription URL feature in YourChat provides a streamlined method for distributing and accessing AI services, making it easier for users to share and leverage AI technology.

July 15, 2023