Comprehensive LLM Support

Design For Your Own Model.

Optimized for your personally fine-tuned model. We are dedicated to creating a platform that universally supports different LLMs, offering comprehensive assistance for any model you use. Enjoy seamless performance and functionality with our inclusive approach.

Smart Chat, More Privacy

Contextual Chat and Transfer Data Only with Your Chosen Model.

Ensure the privacy of your communications with our advanced chat system. We use contextual chat, sending data only when and where necessary to your chosen model. Experience smarter, safer conversations without compromising your privacy.

Share & Subscribe to AI

Unite Your Team & Friends with a Single Subscription Link.

Boost your team’s efficiency and connectivity with a single subscription link. Share AI capabilities with your team and friends, uniting everyone under one AI umbrella. Break the barriers of traditional AI access and start collaborating with ease.

Multi-Role AI Assistance

Harness AI roles via prompts for personalized assistance.

Empower your interactions with AI roles tailored to your needs. With
our service, you can craft a personalized assistant by leveraging various prompts, providing
custom solutions across different use-cases. Find your perfect fit and make the most out of
AI today.

Supports Completion Mode

Easily utilized without the need for dialogue-specific finetuning.

Simplify your AI usage with our built-in Completion Mode. This feature allows you to utilize AI without the need for dialogue-specific finetuning. Embrace the true essence of AI with an undiluted, pure application experience.