Privacy Policy

I. Introduction

At YourChat, we respect your privacy and recognize its importance, and we are committed to ensuring the security of your information. This privacy policy is designed to clearly and comprehensively explain how we handle your information. In using the YourChat service, we firmly adhere to the following principles to protect your information.

II. Information Collection

The core design principle of YourChat is to respect and protect user privacy, to minimize the collection of user information to the greatest extent possible. In fact, the YourChat application only collects debug information about errors when they occur:

Error and Diagnostic Information: We use a third-party service, Sentry, to collect error and diagnostic information. The sole purpose of these data is to help us improve our services.

Static Page Data: After you confirm to upload the LLM information on, we use the services provided by to store subscription links. These links are used to store LLM information and do not contain any information related to chat records.

III. Information Use

Since we do not collect personal information, we do not need to nor will we use this information.

IV. Information Protection

We highly value the security of your information. All chat records are generated on the user’s device and sent directly to the Large Language Model (LLM) service designated by the user. The chat records are not collected by us, nor are they stored on our servers. Similarly, our error collection service, Sentry, only collects information about the internal state of the application, for the sole purpose of helping us correct errors in YourChat.

V. Information Sharing and Disclosure

We will never share, sell or disclose your personal information to third parties unless we have your explicit permission or are explicitly required to do so by law.

VI. Data Storage

YourChat does not store any user chat records. All chat records are transmitted directly to the LLM service chosen by the user, thus avoiding intermediate storage of information.

VII. Data Security

We use various security measures (including but not limited to data encryption) to protect your information, to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction.

VIII. Legal Compliance

We commit to abide by all applicable privacy laws and respect the privacy rights of users.

IX. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may periodically update this privacy policy. You can view the latest privacy policy by visiting

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, to provide a secure and reliable service environment.